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HENNER - GMC Medical Network

With an international presence for over 30 years, HENNER - GMC provides its policyholders with its own global network of providers. To date, 12,800 service providers are available in 150 countries outside the United States.

The selection of our partners - hospitals, medical centres, laboratories, radiology centres, pharmacies, doctors, and dentists - is rigorous and focused on the quality of services and negotiated pricing.

Our mission: to facilitate access to care for our policyholders while controlling their health care costs. Thus, over 98% of our service providers offer direct settlement (direct payment by HENNER - GMC to the providers) and offer negotiated rates.

In the U.S., our network covers more than 5,000 hospitals, 724,000 ambulatory care providers, and 60,000 pharmacies with whom we have negotiated discounts.

Become an authorised HENNER - GMC service provider!

Our medical network is a service highly valued by our policyholders. In some countries, more than 90% of treatments are provided within the network.

By joining the Henner - GMC network, you immediately increase your visibility. Once HENNER - GMC authorisation is granted, your name and contact information appear on our dedicated medical network website which is accessed by our 242,000 beneficiaries. Other information may be added to your profile such as your specialty, the type of agreement, and discounts and benefits provided to our beneficiaries.

We have offices in Paris, Tunis, Nairobi, Singapore, Washington and Curitiba. Our multilingual teams speak 46 languages and represent 34 nationalities. Our geographical, cultural and linguistic proximity are therefore major assets in achieving successful partnerships!

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