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Step-by-step process

Please follow our step-by-step process according to your case

In the event of an emergency, no prior agreement is needed!  

Please follow our step-by-step process in case you or a family member need(s) an emergency hospitalization.

You just have to show your Direct Settlement Card or MedProPass which guarantees your stay at the hospital during the first 2 days after being admitted. Kindly also contact (or have someone contact us on your behalf) HENNER as soon as possible following the admission to the hospital, either by telephone or email and give the following information:

  • - Name and telephone number of the hospital
  • - Name of the patient
  • - Admission date
  • - Discharge date if known

Contact details are indicated on the back of your HENNER Insurance card. If you do not have your Card with you when the emergency hospitalization occurs or if your hospitalization exceeds 2 days, the hospital needs to contact us so that a temporary Letter of Guarantee (valid for the first 4 days) will be issued to the hospital.

If the hospital is part of HENNER network, we will issue within 2 hours following the request a Guarantee of Payment valid for 4 days!

This allows you to get rid of any worry and stress. Just concentrate on getting better.

If the hospital is not part of our network, our team will contact it and negotiate to arrange direct settlement of your bills.

If the period of guarantee is exceeded, please forward a medical report to our Medical Advisory Board at or fax it to +33 1 85 64 74 15.

A Guarantee of Payment for the extended care may then be issued.

The medical provider will send the original invoice and the medical report (if not previously sent) to Henner for reimbursement.

HENNER will inform the medical provider and the insured member about the reimbursement made.

If you received outpatient treatment: consultations, laboratory tests, X-rays, dental and optical care

Please send to your Client Services Team: 

  • - The medical claim form duly completed and signed
  • - The original doctors’ prescriptions for pharmacy, laboratories, X-Rays, and series of treatment, with the name of the patient
  • - The original detailed receipts for drugs including a breakdown of cost per drug, optical lenses, medicine and doctors’ appointments, with the name of the patient and the date of purchase

If you received inpatient care in a clinic or hospital and settled the billed upfront

Send to your Client Services Team:

  • - The original dated invoice with the name of patient
  • - The receipt of payment
  • - Your discharge medical report

Please attach to the above resquested documents the Refund Claim Form duly completed and signed by the attending physician and beneficiary.

You can download this document in the section "My plan" - "Reimbursement request form".

The coverage provided under your Plan applies worldwide, with the exception of:

  • - North America;
  • - Singapore; and
  • - Republic of South Africa.

For these countries/regions, coverage shall only be provided under the following conditions:

  • - In case the insured person’s duty station is located in one of these countries/regions;
  • - For urgent (non-planned) medical attention, if the insured person is on duty travel in one of these countries/regions;
  • - For the Republic of South Africa: if the insured person’s duty station is located in one of the following countries: Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia and Madagascar;
  • - After prior approval by the Insurer’s medical advisor: if no adequate treatment can be found elsewhere;
  • - In a life threatening situation and with approval by the Insurer’s medical advisor.

The capital sum payable on the death of an enrolled SC or SSA contract holders shall be 25,000 USD. However, in the event of death by natural causes of a person aged over 63, only 50% of this capital sum will be paid.
Costs of preparation and repatriation of the corpse to the home country will be covered up to 7,500 USD. The amount paid for preparation and repatriation of the corpse will be included in the over-all ceiling of 40,000 USD.
The capital sum will be paid upon receipt of a death certificate and a medical certificate stating cause of death.

If the disability is total and permanent, the capital sum of 40,000 USD will be paid. In case of partial disability, a portion of this capital will be paid, according to the degree of disability.

Death and Disability claims should be submitted directly to Henner, together with a medical report or death certificate. A copy of your claim should always be submitted to: or


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