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Frequently Asked Questions

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Service Contract or Special Service Agreement Holders and  their recognised Spouse and Children.

New-born children are covered from their date of birth.  Children are covered until the age of 21 or 25 if they continue their studies.

Claims reimbursement

Your medical claims should be sent together with supporting documents to your Country Office who will forward to the established Henner Clients Service Team. Your reimbursement statements (“Explanation of Benefits”) will then be sent to your Country Office in sealed envelopes.

THREE (3) WORKING DAYS, excludingmail delivery and money transfer delays.

Ensure your claim is complete (claim form + invoices + medical prescriptions + others documents).

Refund Claim form is available on your member area under the item “Documentation”. In order to be promptly reimbursed, you must submit to your Country Office the following documents:

  • Your Refund Claim Form duly completed, dated and signed;
  • Original detailed receipts; and
  • Original prescriptions.

Medical Network

In case of card loss or theft, you are kindly requested to report the incident to your local Human Resources Office who may contact Henner to request a new card.

YES but  you will have to pay and then ask for the reimbursement through the usual claim procedure.

Go to your member area : you simply need to enter your Card Number and use your date of birth as the password (DD/MM/YYYY).

Your Medical Insurance Card and your dependant’s cards will be sent to your Country Office upon enrolment.

Step-by-step process

Please follow our step-by-step process according to your case

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Medical Network

Access to our medical network and find a healthcare professional close to you.

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Direct Settlement Card

Print your Direct Settlement Card and benefit from negotiated prices and upfront payment!


News feeds

EBOLA outbreak : Download our Prevention Newsletter on your private account.

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