Last updated : January 2021

The Cookie Management Policy set out below is applicable to this Site.

Subject to your consent - if this is required under the relevant regulations - the Site uses cookies and tracking files in order to enhance your experience, and the functions, of the Site and our services.

Henner reserves the right to amend this Cookie Management Policy at any time in response to changes made to the Site, its settings, or the internal organization of Groupe Henner, or to changes in the relevant regulations or in cookie management procedures, or for any other legitimate reason.

Groupe Henner will inform you of any updates made to its Cookie Management Policy. We do however recommend that you check for alterations on a regular basis. The date of the latest modifications made by Groupe Henner is indicated at the start of this document.

1 What are ‘ cookies ’ ?

Cookies are small text files, tracking files, web beacons or other forms of technology that gather data regarding your browsing, and that may be stored on your device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) having arrived via its browser when you visited the Site, and which have various functions, but notably that of enabling the party that created them to identify your device.

The cookies on the Site may have been created by :

  • Henner : these cookies are directly placed in your device by Henner (or one of its subcontractors) as you visit our Site ;
  • Third parties : these cookies are placed in your device by third parties (audience measurement companies, social networks, etc.), and are not created or controlled by Henner. The creation and use of these cookies are governed by these parties’ cookie policies. A list of the companies using tracking files on our Site is provided in article 2.2 below.

2 What cookies are used on the Site ?

Henner wishes to inform you that the following categories of cookie may be placed and operated on your device, subject to the settings you have chosen and to your acceptance of the cookies.

2.1 Cookies created by Henner

  • Cookies that are necessary for the functioning of the Site : these cookies are vital for the Site to function correctly and to be optimised. They cannot be deactivated ;
  • Cookie management cookies : these cookies are needed to enable us to record your choices as regards cookies. They cannot be deactivated ;

List :

Cookie name




HENNERWEB_SSIDFunctional cookieSession cookieDuration of the session
HENNER_OPTIN_COOKIECookie management cookiesAllows you to save your cookie choices.6 months
HENNER_OPTIN_AUDIENCECookie de gestion des cookiesCookie management cookies6 months
HENNER_OPTIN_FONCTIONNALITECookie management cookiesAllows the user's choice of functionality cookies to be taken into account.6 months

2.2 Cookies created by third parties

The Site uses cookies produced by third parties :

  • Performance / analytical cookies : these cookies notably enable us to determine the number of visits and the sources of user traffic on our Site, to analyze user browsing paths and the most-visited sections, and to adapt the Site’s content, in order to improve Site performances and enhance your user experience. These cookies enable anonymous aggregated tracking of the browsing of web users, so that use of the Site can be enhanced.
  • Functionality cookies : these cookies enable Site functions, and your user experience, to be enhanced and personalized.

List :

Cookie name




utmz, _utmt, _utmc, _utma, _utmbPerformance / analytical cookiesCookies issued by Matomo. These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the sites. Cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of visitors to sites, where they are from and which pages they have visited. We use this information to compile reports and help us improve the sites.6 months
ABTastySessionFunctionality cookiesCookie issued by AbTasty. This cookie is used to identify a unique session and to determine new sessions.6 months
Ubdc+*Functional cookieSession cookieDuration of the session

3 How to manage cookies

In line with the recommendations of the CNIL data protection authority, your choices regarding cookies are stored for a maximum of 6 months. At the end of this period, you will once again be asked for your consent on the Site.

The data obtained from cookies are retained for the time indicated above, in accordance with the applicable regulations

Except in the case of those cookies that are essential for the functioning of the Site, which you cannot deactivate, cookies may be deactivated at any time. There are several ways of managing your choices :

(i) The settings on your browser

You can input your choices directly from your browser. While the configuration of each browser is different, the browser’s help menu will contain instructions for changing your cookie preferences.

(ii) Other methods

You can also input your choices using inter-professional opposition platforms such as : or

We would however remind you that by setting different parameters you may modify your conditions for access to our content and services for which cookies must be used. Thus if you choose to deactivate certain cookies (such as the ‘sharing’ cookies), it may be that certain parts of our Site or certain functions are no longer accessible, and Henner accepts no liability for this.

If you have any questions regarding the use of cookies, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the following email address : or postal address : Henner, DPO, Service Conformité/Relation Assureurs, 14 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

(iii) The ‘Cookie Manager’ tool on our Site

You can select your settings directly on the Site, and then change them at any time using our Cookie Manager tool accessed via the ‘cookies’ banner on the Site’s homepage when you first visit, or on this page, by means of the following procedure :