Our expertise and trade

From SMEs to multinationals, we work for all kinds of company every day. Our staff are on hand to advise them and help them establish the social protection strategy best suited to their needs, whether standard or tailor-made. Our teams also draw on the expertise of our specialists (technical, legal, actuarial, etc.) to assist them in their daily assignments.

Since 1947, our international and independent group has been developing innovative personal insurance solutions for individuals, professionals en businesses.

We are experts in social protection, leaders in group health collective insurance in France. We also offer solutions for provident and retirement.

We advise and support companies of all sizes (from very small enterprises to multinationals) in designing and managing their social protection programs, in France and internationally. We are also renowned for our expertise in employee savings and shareholding schemes.

The diversity of our individual clients (from freelancers to expatriates and retirees) allows us to understand and anticipate market developments and to offer solutions tailored to their specific needs.

To facilitate access to care for our clients, wherever they may be, we have built up our own network of healthcare partners, the largest in the world. We also offer a range of services to help companies develop their own campaigns for preventive health care and quality of life at work.


An expert team that listens
Our staff are fully dedicated to consulting and are spread over our various sites, covering all our areas of expertise.

6 areas of expertise

  • Health
  • Pension provision
  • Retirement
  • Employee savings and shareholding
  • International mobility and global benefits
  • Medical services and networks

Advantages that make the difference

  • A team of expert consultants
  • A single point of contact for efficient communication
  • A strategic approach adapted to your challenges
  • Compliant solutions
  • Project-oriented organization
  • In-depth actuarial expertise


Brokerage is Henner’s original business. What makes us special? We create our own insurance products and the underlying risk for these products is borne by insurers with whom we negotiate on behalf of our clients: From very small enterprises to multinationals but also individual clients (freelancers, expatriates, retirees), our approach is based on methods that are proven to work. To cater for the different needs and types of clients, we create standard products or tailor-made ones.

  • Multidisciplinary teams
  • Independent recommendations
  • Ability to negotiate with all insurers on the market
  • Know-how to optimize overall costs
  • A French brand able to support the social partners
  • Assistance in the realization of the communication to the employees
  • Specific support for human resources teams
  • An international network of partners (MGAC and Assurex)


Our management is integrated and organized around the client. We are committed to providing a fully personalized customer experience. Our support often takes place digitally, but we never forget the human touch. That’s because when a health problem arises, nothing can take the place of dialog with an expert who provides assistance and advice to ensure a higher standard of care.

We are set up to guarantee the quality of service that we are renowned for: We speak 26 languages ​and our services are available every day, round the clock and in emergencies, anywhere and anytime in the world … customer satisfaction is our priority, and we have achieved a 93% satisfaction rating among our clients.

Our organization is based on dedicated customer teams who know their contracts inside-out. We are also certified ISO 27001 which allows us to guarantee the security of processed information (customer data) and ISO 9001, a standard that defines the quality management system for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and conformity of products and services provided.

Benefits that make a difference

  • A team of 800 managers on each continent
  • An integrated organization
  • A renowned quality of service
  • High-performance management tools (statistics, technical analyses, etc.)
  • Controlled healthcare expenses thanks to partner healthcare networks and professionals
  • Digital tools for policyholders
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification