Global benefits management by Henner

Multinational company operations often follow a decentralized model. These companies promote independence among local units in terms of organization and the management of operations and employee benefits. Nevertheless, considering all of your existing plans and setting a global vision for your local benefits policies can help you develop a comprehensively consistent HR strategy and make you a more attractive company that retains its talented individuals. Henner draws on its Global Benefits Management expertise to support you in these endeavors.

A global approach via a strong local partnership

  1. Designing the strategy: mapping risks, defining a strategy, global coordination and reporting local compliance, etc.
  2. Improving performance: benchmarks, captive & pooling solutions to optimize and manage
  3. Developing the employee commitment: a medical aftercare service for your employees and introduction of prevention and welfare programs, HR communications, etc.

We are constantly striving to add reliable insurance brokers to our international network of partners in order to effectively manage your services, at local and global level.

We differ from our competitors in that our model is based on unique, selected network that operates on five continents. This network gives us the independence, flexibility, and agility we need.

Why Henner :

  1. A team of expert consultants
  2. Representation in 185 countries
  3. A partnership with more than 350 insurance brokers
  4. A partnership with 8 major insurance providers, members of the Assurex and MGAC global networks