Individuals and families by Henner

When you are living abroad, either on a temporary basis or for several years, your health and that of your loved ones becomes more critical than ever before. At Henner, we have developed a unique expertise in personal insurance for people living abroad. Our priority is meeting your needs and supporting you every day wherever you are.

Solutions that are tailored to all lifestyles

Living abroad means finding new bearings in a different place. Having international health insurance that meets the challenges encountered in these circumstances is essential.

Whether you are young, retired, in search of a job, a local employee or a permanent resident, whether you want to stay connected to your country of origin or not. We have developed solutions to cover your health costs and your access to quality healthcare abroad.

Being your healthcare partner on a daily basis

Trusting in Henner means choosing an independent business on a human scale with experts who put all the necessary know-how and care into the creation and management of suited solutions. We are always there, especially when it matters most. These moments in life take on an even greater dimension when you are far from home.

We are a real guide on a daily basis particularly for identifying the professionals who will take care of your healthcare issues.

Our partnerships with the large international insurers, our quality of service, our network of healthcare professionals in 185 countries and our international medical services allow us to pay careful attention to every of our members. We offer a simple and reassuring healthcare journey.