International Corp by Henner

As part of our international benefits management strategy, we have developed a strong expertise in managing international mobility programs for corporates. We improve your employees ‘healthcare experience, optimize your company’s costs and facilitate your employees’ lives at every stage of their mobility.

A dedicated support

We are at your side to help you make your international mobility policy a real asset for your company.

  1. Recognized consulting expertise: customized support for the definition, construction and management of your mobility programs.
  2. Medical support: a dedicated team for the medical follow-up of all your employees (health check-ups, patient management, recommendations of health care providers) and the control of your health care expenses through our international health care network.
  3. Customer and insured experience: aggregation of services for a global healthcare path (teleconsultation, assistance, prevention, etc.), digital tools for simplified daily management.

Mobility programs adapted to your specific needs

We combine all our expertise to design these mobility programs.

Why Henner :

  1. A team of expert consultants.
  2. Experience in all sectors of activity.
  3. Broad view on relevant benchmarks.
  4. Technical support from our in house legal and actuarial departments.
  5. An integrated medical team that provides in-depth health care support for employees to ensure responsible consumption and control of technical ratios.