International Organizations by Henner

We offer intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations unique international expertise in social protection. To meet the very specific needs of these international entities, we design customized solutions for personal insurance with utmost care.

Our expertise is unique

Inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations are different from other structures:

We understand your challenges

  1. Protecting your employees throughout the world.
  2. Providing efficient management in high-risk areas.
  3. Delivering personalized support whatever the culture and living situation.
  4. Protecting your budgets and ensuring continuous coverage for your employees.

We have the expertise

  1. We use our unique expertise in managing customized insurance schemes (health, contingency, care, etc.) and in providing support services (assistance, remote consultation, EAP, health checks, etc.).
  2. We design coverage and services based on your specific needs and offer you seamless integration of your new contract with Henner.
  3. Our dedicated ‘Implementation’ team brings together cross-functional processes and skills to take over existing schemes or manage the transition from one scheme to another with ease.

Our approach is proven and based on deep experience

  • Assessment of your needs and specifics.
  • Analysis of existing services.
  • Creation of customized schemes with our insurance partners.
  • Advice and support when preparing for tenders.
  • Help in obtaining sought-after services in compliance with the applicable laws.
  • Support when changing insurance scheme, from insured to self-insured coverage (and vice versa).
  • ISO 9001-certified management.

We protect your employees and your budgets
at all key moments

  • 360° cost management approach: prevention, support, preferential rates, negotiation, second medical opinion, evacuation, data mining.
  • Easy and efficient access to quality care throughout the world.
  • No advance fee payment and personal digital member support.
  • Global expertise to ensure a relevant medical follow-up service.
  • Follow-up and reintegration of people on sick leave.

Your organization is unique,
and so our service is too

We support you whatever kind of organization you have:

  • Inter-governmental or non-governmental organizations
  • Insured or self-insured organizations
  • Regional or global structures
  • International officials or local staff
  • Temporary or permanent employment contracts
  • Consultants, etc

We manage your contract with the greatest
attention to detail

We provide you with multi-skilled, multicultural and multilingual teams who support your employees in managing their contract from start to finish, 24/7 and 365 days per year. We guarantee that your healthcare costs will be reimbursed within three working days of any request. In emergencies, we provide a care provision letter within two hours.

Thanks to our integrated healthcare network, we have tariff and direct settlement agreements for outpatient and hospital treatment.

Our international medical network
is unique in the world

We have built a global network of outpatient and hospital care providers: hospitals, clinics, care or testing centers, specialist and general practitioners, imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies, etc.

  • A vast direct settlement network

Our global medical network has 1,800,000 healthcare professionals in 185 countries, including the USA. Thanks to this, international and non-governmental organizations with a Henner contract benefit direct settlement and negotiated tariff agreements for both routine and hospital care.

  • Service quality that sets the standard

We have signed agreements with all these healthcare professionals guaranteeing clear processes and a high level of service for our beneficiaries. These professionals are subject to a strict selection process and their service quality is regularly inspected. Our network is continuously developing in order to meet the changing needs of our customers.

A global presence:

  • 2.2 million beneficiaries
  • A presence on every continent
  • Services for beneficiaries accessible 24/7 days a week and 365 days per year