Medical expertise
and network by Henner

Your international development requires you to set up a mobility policy for your employees and sometimes their families. Your senior managers may also travel for long periods. This mobility generates more risks for your teams. Beyond the health dimension, the financial stakes are high. Our medical department is there to respond to these issues and guarantee health, safety and well-being to all your employees, in France and abroad. Your mobile teams benefit from support at every stage of their journey.

Our medical organization has no equivalent

We have chosen to have our own health department. Composed of health professionals, our organization brings undeniable added value to the support of our clients and affiliates. Advising you on medical issues is a heavy responsibility, as is developing a quality healthcare network throughout the world. Because referring our policyholders to a health care professional is a very demanding task and cannot be improvised. When a health problem arises, the quality of the care provided is essential.

“We are the only ones who can bring such medical expertise to our affiliates and clients. And that makes all the difference.”

Our team is multidisciplinary

Our team of healthcare professionals includes doctors, medical coordinators, nurses, dentists, orthodontists and pharmacists. They are located all over the world, allowing us to be as close as possible to all our clients and insureds.

Our medical department operates
in France and abroad

Medical missions

We support you in the medical follow-up of your employees by setting up health check-ups for your employees (whether expatriates or not) and your executives. Our approach also takes into consideration the so-called “frequent travelers”.

Internationally, our physicians :

  • Establish medical analysis of claims.
  • Control costs
  • Negotiate prices with health care providers
  • Facilitate access to care
  • Optimize the care pathways of your expatriate policyholders
  • Direct your employees, according to their medical context, to our most appropriate healthcare partners

An aid to plan management

We also establish, for our clients, so-called claims analyses, such as the analysis of work stoppages and peak claims for example. They allow a study of the results accounts for an effective management of your social protection schemes.

Adapted prevention programs

We support you in the implementation of prevention and quality of life at work programs for your employees. Beneficial to the health of your employees, these actions allow you to better manage the cost of sick leave by acting on their reduction.

Our devices are articulated around 4 areas:

  • Prevention and awareness actions around lifestyle habits (nutrition, sleep, musculoskeletal disorders…)
  • Early detection of certain diseases (cardiovascular risks, dermatological appointments, etc.)
  • Well-being in the company (work/life balance, noise management…)
  • The fight against addictions (tobacco…)

A network of international health partners

Our mission is to facilitate access to quality care for our policyholders, wherever they are in the world. To achieve this, we maintain and develop our global network of healthcare professionals (1.6 million professionals in 196 countries) while guaranteeing our policyholders quality medical care at controlled costs through negotiated rates and the implementation of third-party payment.

  • 50 employees make up our health department
  • 1.6 million healthcare partners worldwide
  • 196 countries covered