Worldwide TPA by Henner

We have been gaining expertise in the delegated or third-party administration of international private medical insurance programs since our foundation in 1947. We work with insurers around the world who choose us for the creation of their international health insurance products, for the operational management of policyholders in their client portfolio, for our expertise in containing costs incurred by policyholders for the health care they receive.

A wealth of in house experience as broker, health program designer and worldwide administrator of international insurance plans for employees and families

We provide real added value to our partners to support and enhance their international health insurance business.

Our unique model is designed to provide a customized and personalized service to our insurance partners in order to support the growth of their client portfolios while ensuring that health care costs are kept under control.

Expert teams always on hand

All partnership implementation and daily supervision work is managed by a single team that is organized to handle front and back office matters.

Our teams are trained to understand the specific features of your contracts and are available 24/7 to provide quality support to the policyholders referred by our partners.
Our Henner Global Partnerships department is unique in the market. It allows our partners to benefit from co-branding and/or white label services.

Some key features of our TPA offering:

  • A 24/7 service for policyholders
  • A global footprint close to your policyholders
  • Claims reimbursed in all currencies
  • Access to the Henner app and to digital portals (API selection available on request)
  • Access to 1.8 million healthcare professionals based in 185 countries
  • A sound anti-fraud and cost containment framework
  • White label options available
  • Additional services available through third-party administration (remote consultations, EAP…)
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, proof positive of our thorough approach
  • Tailored solutions to meet your requirements

We are taking action to control health care spending

Looking after the health of our policyholders means, of course, making it easier for them to access healthcare, but also helping them to control their healthcare expenses. To achieve this, we back our health contracts with networks of partner healthcare professionals.

Internationally, our medical department guides and advises our expatriate policyholders, wherever they may be, in order to guarantee them the best care at the best rates (healthcare networks, medical check-ups, medical repatriation, etc.).

Our doctors establish medical analyses of claims, facilitate access to care, and optimize the care pathway for expatriate policyholders. They also refer to the most appropriate professionals in our network and take into account the medical context in which our expatriate policyholders find themselves.

In France and abroad, we organize screening and vaccination campaigns. We also recommend wellness or prevention solutions in line with the company’s HR policy (quality of life at work).

Digital spaces with multiple functionalities

Policyholders are increasingly mobile. To meet their needs, we offer them the opportunity to access their customer space wherever they are, in France or abroad. From their computer or the Henner+ (France) and myHenner (International) applications, they can track their reimbursements, fill out and consult their health record, send their receipts directly by photo, access their policyholder card, write to their manager, etc. These applications are available for free download on the Apple and Google stores.

Henner Operations is :

  • Policyholders at the heart of our concerns
  • 2.1 million beneficiaries
  • 950 client service officers, 50% of the Henner Group’s workforce
  • 99% satisfaction*

* Satisfaction measured with our policyholders on management quality, reimbursement times and the availability of our teams. Annual survey conducted by Moaï in 2023, based on a sample of 1,281 respondents (Henner policyholders).