62,000 healthcare providers in a single medical network!

The Henner medical network is currently made up of 62,000 healthcare providers (outside the US) serving our insured members around the world. Here are some key information that might be useful for your members.

A network made of the best-in class healthcare providers

From general practitioners to specialists, paramedical providers and medical centers, the network covers a large range of healthcare providers.  They are selected by the Henner team according to specific criteria, in order to provide members with the best advice and services. We believe this provides a real value for the clients.

What benefits to expect from the Henner medical network?

• Direct settlement depending on policy details
• Savings on healthcare expenses thanks to negociated rates
• Healthcare providers around the world to cover all geographic regions, but also, as closely as possible to your members, accessible online from myHenner app
Reach out to your Henner contact to find out more about the Henner medical network.