Our CSR policy and commitments

Since 2003, we have respected the United Nations Global Compact and its Sustainable Development Goals — a commitment shared daily by all our employees.

Today, we aim to create a business model that combines the demand for profitability with responsible business practices.

Our report reinforces our commitment to achieving our aspirations and finding the right balance. Based on the four founding pillars of CSR (the social, societal, environmental and governance pillars), we have set out our objectives to increase our positive impacts while reducing our negative impacts. This roadmap outlines our annual priorities and shows how we will contribute.


Caring applies to our customers and also to our staff.

At Henner, caring for our employees is just as important as providing excellent service for our customers and beneficiaries.

This approach, which sets us apart from the rest, is the backbone of our corporate culture.

Our priority commitments are to:

• prevent discrimination

• recruit and support talent development.

• align the employee and candidate experience with our « raison d’être » .

• provide workplace equipment in line with our commitments to quality of working life and the sustainability of the hybrid model.


We protect our customers as we would protect our loved ones and are there for them whenever they need us.

Caring encapsulates our social welfare expertise.

We promise our customers and partners that the quality of our support will remain a key priority in our social welfare, brokerage and management consultancy work.

We are taking action:

• to respond to climate, political and health emergencies.

• to take into account our customers’ changing expectations.


We work hard every day to reduce the company’s impact on the environment

As a service company, we have a duty to reduce the environmental impact of our offices and business trips, not to mention the storage space we use for our digital operations.

To achieve this, we aim to:

• manage the environmental and societal impacts of our work and our suppliers.

• limit our environmental impact by monitoring our digital data.


Our commitments are collective and each of us contributes individually to building a profitable and responsible business model together.

Last year, we focused on our shared commitment to organising our approach. We created a pilot group, set out our commitments, identified our pre-existing strengths and decided on our short and medium-term objectives. Our strategy and the corresponding roadmap have yet to be put to the test and brought to life.

For this to happen, we need to improve our governance in 2023 by:

• incorporating CSR at the highest level of the company.

• ensuring our partnerships align with our image and values.


Our strategy aligns with the United Nations Global Compact and its Sustainable Development Goals.

Therefore, we have launched a roadmap to identify our commitments, expand our affirmative action and steer our CSR strategy in the right direction. These 17 goals will define our approach for the future.