Missions, Ministries, Embassies
by Henner

Henner has been managing health insurance solutions specifically aimed at the diplomatic community since 1996. We create health coverage that is especially suited to consulates, embassies and diplomatic missions as well as to groups of students abroad. These customized plans are tailored to the budget and level of coverage of your organization.

Our customers are diplomatic and government institutions throughout the world whose staff, and their families, come from across the globe:

  • Economics or Foreign Affairs Ministries: embassy, mission or consulate staff.
  • Defense Ministry: military representations.
  • Students taking part in government mobility schemes.

Personalized support and advice

A team of dedicated consultants for situations specific to diplomatic staff analyzes your needs and provides support to put in place suitable standard or customized solutions.

High-end services

Henner’s health insurance, assistance and/or contingency solutions allow you to benefit from attractive premiums offering a high coverage level, with or without deductible, throughout the world.

Performant management with ISO 9001 certification

Our multilingual policyholder support teams are there to answer questions from members and their families 24/7. Requests for reimbursement are processed within 72 hours.

A range of services adapted to the culture
of embassy staff

Our dedicated customer service staff are trained to identify the required service levels for VIPs seeking support in their work.

Our promise to you?

  • Easy and efficient access to quality health care throughout the world
  • No advance fee payment and personal and digital support
  • Global expertise to ensure a relevant medical follow-up service for everyone, at all times